jkay06 (jkay06) wrote in vmfans09er,

little facts

'Wallace' Percy Daggs III
Room mate with Teddy Dunn (Duncan) in real life.
His sister Selena appeared on "Made" with ambitions of becoming a surfer.
His brother played his little brother in Veronica Mars

'Logan' Jason Dohring
He has been married since 2004
He originally auditioned for the role of Duncan on Veronica Mars
Has 2 younger identical twin sisters, Kirsten & Kelsey
Has 2 younger identical twin brothers, Robert & Jonathan

'Weevil' Francis Capra

Was Elvis in Free Willy 2 
Was Max in Kazaam with Shaq 

'VERONICA' Kristen Bell
Kristen was on the MTV series, Punk'd. She was being accused of stealing a dog when she really found it. Boyfriend Kevin Mann was in it with her.

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